The Process

1.We meet to discuss your needs and timing and complete a design brief.
2.We find the land or building that best suits your needs as per the design brief and secure the property subject to finance and other necessary conditions.

3. Complete feasibility study showing all costs to completion and provide budget quotation.
4. Complete initial design sketches and plans.
5. Present both budget and design for client evaluation.

6. Establish finance requirements, timing for approval and complete land purchase with finance clause and settlement date to client satisfaction.
7. At contract for land, complete a back to back contract agreement for the building and management of the project; with time and performance schedule to meet client satisfaction.
8. Proceed with settlement of land.

9. Proceed with construction of project as per contract and schedule.
10. Monthly meetings and site inspections will be conducted with progress claims for payments endorsed by financiers, Q.S or valuer. All project timing and completion is subject to council and other statutory regulations.
11. NOTE: Any extra fit out to Factory or Office areas can be facilitated by Platinum Designer Industrial
You will be kept informed during every aspect of the project.